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The trick of the Molo Kids bodies

Posted on February 13 2013

It's definitely true, that baby clothes last for a short time, mostly the first twelve months. Because of this, when we find a simple but smart idea as the designs of the bodies of Molo Kids, that makes them last some sizes longer for our babies, we can't do more than take off our flamenco hat and say: OLÈ!

What is the trick of Molo Kids? As already suggested, it's simple: They've had the awesome detail of making a longer and more narrow crotch, and a shorter front part. In this way, more space is added to allow the legs to move free, as a difference with the conventional bodies, which may cause discomfort in this part as the child grows.

Simple but smart, ain't it? Also considering that each of these garments are made with a small composition of spandex or elastane, letting the cotton be much more elastic and therefore capable of stretching those extra sizes. And as Molo bodies are so cool and original, you can't be more satisfied!

Molo Kids Kitch body

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