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New in: Mini Rodini SS13

Posted on February 05 2013

This week we've received the first delivery of Mini Rodini's new baby & toddler clothes for this Spring-Summer 2013. And if they had us used to an unsurpassable quality and to very original designs and prints, this time they haven't let us down either :)

Mini Rodini was founded by Cassandra Rhodin in 2005, a Swedish illustrator which inspiration is shown in the drawings printed in their clothes, giving them a cool look more than childish, and a chic and casual style with a touch of rock & roll which we love when worn by kids. It´s a trend setting brand with a genius twist, making this the favorite brand of many modern parents. In this SS13 collection, besides new peculiar animal prints, Mini Rodini have come up with the maritime theme, taking inspiration from the TV serie ´Love boat´ and the famous Jacques Cousteau!

Mini Rodini organic clothes

The quality of each garment is fantastic. If yet organic cotton has a different feel, Mini Rodini uses fabrics that remind us of those T-shirts that last for years, getting softer and softer everytime, but without losing its quality. On top of this, in the new SS13 collection they have used micromodal for some of their garments, a type of fabric that´s very elastic, thin, light, and of course, soft, with a feel that´s been well described as ´skin on skin´.

Come, see and begin to enjoy with Mini Rodini SS13 baby & toddler clothes; and if you want all together, check here all collections from Mini Rodini

 Mini Rodini modern baby clothes

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