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Posted on January 22 2013

Finally! CozyKidz' blog is up and kicking! and for us, this means to have already completed a big part of the website set up, and also, to almost have a bachelor degree in HTML code management (yep, those weird little words and symbols which can make 'all this' work).

html4babies | CozyKidz

There's still a lot of things to add to the store in order to make its navigation easier (do not hesitate to send us your suggestions!) and of course, the most cool baby clothes for this spring/summer season, which is almost here :)

If we take a look back, it's been a long walk since those days when we were just imagining about the CozyKidz project, but now, as the shop is working, with costumers from all around the world (thanks, internet!), many babies dressed happily and comfortably with our clothes, with almost 600 Facebook fans in 4 months, and over all, with a fantastic feedback from everybody, we can feel proud of our effort.

So, thanks a lot to aaaaall of you and... keep in touch!

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