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Eco-labels in baby & toddler clothing: GOTS & Oeko-tex

Posted on April 13 2013

In our online store we want to offer you baby clothes brands that besides of having a cool and modern style, also use organic cotton or eco-friendly fabrics that are free from harmful substances, very convenient for our babies and for the environment too.

In this article we are going to talk about ecological certificates, which logos will be visible in our page products so you'll be able to know which garments have obtained each.

GOTS certificadoOeko-tex certificado

Why is this so important for baby clothes? It doesn't take too much explaining to do: The newborn baby's skin is extremely thin, even 5 times more than the one of adults, and its porosity to external agents is quite higher. If we add this to the fact that they have a young immunological system and therefore less developed, and a reduced capacity of releasing toxins as their perspiration is lower, we can understand why babies' skin is so sensitive and why organic materials are preferable to be in contact with their skin.

Plantas de algodón

Oeko-tex certificate is the first certificate to be created to analyze the whole process of textile production for this to be considered human-ecological, which means that their components (fabrics, prints and accessories) are completely free of harmful substances for the sake of our health. In the case of CozyKidz, you'll find that our Småfolk and 4 funky flavours baby clothes from 0 to 3 years old have accomplished with their standard, as it can be seen in the labels attached to all of them.

Smafolk Oeko-tex label  4 funky flavours Oeko-tex label

GOTS certificate is the most complete of all existing certificates: it qualifies organic cotton and establishes a strict quality and eco-sustainability control in all production levels, from its farming to its packaging, including that all workers must meet the social criteria based on the principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). A GOTS 'organic' certified garment is entirely free from harmful substances and contains at least 95% of organic cotton in its composition. The benefits aren't just those: organic cotton fabrics are almost 9 times more unlikely to lose their properties than common cotton fabrics when being washed; and the most important of it all is that if worn by babies, these benefits are much more: less skin irritation, hypoallergenic, and it's more breathable, soft and comfortable.

certificado GOTS ropa de bebé Mini Rodini  certificado GOTS ropa de bebé Green Cotton

In CozyKidz you'll be able to find the GOTS certificate in all Green Cotton baby clothes and almost all the Mini Rodini collection. Standard organic cotton (highest quality but non-GOTS) can be found in all the incredible Indikidual and some of KIK-KID garments. Go and check it out!

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