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We love leggings

Posted on May 22 2013

For the last couple of years leggings with print have been back in fashion, and as one would expect, the latest baby clothes also includes their mini version of them.

In Cozykidz you'll find the ones from the Swedish cult brand Mini Rodini. We are completely in love with them! Some more daring with prints as rock'n'roll as these Jaguar leggings. Delicious!

Jaguar leggings 

And what about these white/cherish or white/green ones with rocking ropes? All made of GOTS certified organic cotton...

Rope leggings Rope leggings verde

Look at these other leggings decorated with animals: funky flamingos and for a completely summery look, beautiful budgies, also labelled GOTS:

flamingo Mini Rodini leggings Mini Rodini

Another option could be the ones with the iconic Tiger print, really difficult to find at the moment in stores. We just ran out of them but they definetily worth the mention...

 Tiger leggings Mini Rodini

Leggings have the special feature of being the perfect complement for many styles, as they are subtle, visually light and above all, comfortable. As baby & toddler clothing they are mostly unisex, and they are great since it´s so easy to put them on, and because of those cool prints... The kids will look fabulous!

Dig into the Mini Rodini modern baby clothes collection to find all these wonderful leggings!

leggings budgie Mini Rodini 

leggings flamingo Mini Rodini

leggings rope Mini Rodini

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