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Cool baby & toddler clothes: Molo Kids

Posted on June 10 2013

Molo Kids is a Danish brand that stands out for its colorful, quirky and very original prints, and it's one of the coolest baby clothes brands out there!

So these days of hot weather have arrived with a nice surprise: Until the 15th of June, ALL of their clothes, this includes the outlet, have a 15% discount over the price shown! Yeay!!

Molo Kids cool clothing

It's an offer that the fans of Molo don't want to miss out on, also because it includes all of the new Spring-Summer 2013 collection. Garments as exotic as these ones...

molo kids cool flamingos bodymolo lizards fleming

molo kids dress flowers

...or for the most sporty babies, boys or girls!

body soccer molomolo kids paris dakar

molo kids t-shirt

And we can't forget some delicatessen like this precious dress:

molo kids dress

And we still have some classics left, like the bodies and pants with cool stars, or the bodysuits with their original prints, some of them are in the outlet :)

molo starsmolo kids bodysuit fleming

molo snow animals tee  molo body stars

All in all, their whole baby & toddler collection is worth the visit... Molo Kids is one of the most representative brands of the Nordic Style: comfortable yet stylish clothes of an excellent quality, it's fun, has flashy colors and its full of surprising and imaginative prints. That's the power of creativity!

In the page of each print you will find the instructions to get your 15% discount. You have to add the discount code MOLORULES in the final step of the checkout process - Don't forget it!

Cool like that!

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