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How to buy - Guide

Take a minute, here we explain step by step EVERYTHING you need to know to buy your baby & kids clothes in CozyKidz.

1.-Nothing you haven't done before Product page

Select the clothes that you like and look at their photos, description, available sizes, etc. and if they are the chosen ones, add them to the shopping cart.

There's also info about the terms of delivery, our size guide, and a specific product contact form.

2.-The shopping cart

Shopping cart page Here you'll find your choices one by one, ready to start with the checkout process. If you prefer to wait, they will be listed nevertheless and even if the page is closed, they will keep being registered to be able to remember your selection if you come back later.

You have a space for comments. This is useful when you want to send a dedication for a gift, or for example to tell us that you came recommended by someone. As soon as you have everything ready, click on the button 'Buy it' and step forward to send us your personal info and then...

3.-Place the order image CozyKidz online shop

Once we have your details and know the destination of the order, the shipping costs will be added. It will also be here where you'll use the discount coupons or the gift cards!

4.-How to pay?

In CozyKidz we offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card: We accept the most common cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express... Payment can also be processed through Paypal, the world wide known commerce intermediary on the internet. Learn more about Paypal.

    When you choose Paypal option, you will be directed to CozyKidz Paypal page. You'll just have to fill the usual form (your details, card number, etc.) for these cases.cozykidz online shop

  • Bank Transfer: As its name suggests, is about making a transfer for the total order value.

    The bank details of CozyKidz will appear after accepting this option in the checkout process, with instructions to be followed so that we know which is your order.

  • Cash on delivery: This consists in paying the cost of the order when the courier deliver it. No need to use credit cards or bank account. And because we believe that for some customers it is important to see that the things they buy exist before paying, especially when it comes to buying online.

    This payment method is only valid for Spain and it has an extra charge of 5 euros, which will not be added to your order, but when you receive the order. CozyKidz packaging

    5.-And we are set!

    When you have completed your order, you will receive the confirmation and... then it is up to us to get your package on the move and off to your house. We will send you a shipping note by email ;) 


Do you still have questions? Contact us whenever you need it.