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Size Chart


In Europe, baby & kids clothing sizes are equivalent to the infant's height in centimeters, so the best way to find out the size is always to measure the little one.

With caps and hats it should be the same but now by measuring the contour of the head, so here also size=measure. 

Therefore, if in addition we make an estimation between sizes and ages, the result is what is shown in this table:

 Age  0-3m 4m 6m 9m 12m 18m 2y 3y 4y 5y 6y 7y
56 62 68 74 80 86 92 98 104 110 116 122
and hats)
44 45 46 47 48 50 50 52 52 54 54 54


 We must also explain that some manufacturers do not adhere exactly to this table, and therefore their clothes are sometimes slightly larger or smaller. For these cases, we prefer to specify how they are in the section 'size', like this:

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