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Welcome to CozyKidz

In CozyKidz you'll find a special selection of cool, fun and funky kids & baby clothes!

Children are happy creatures, spontaneous, moody, colorful, explosive, and above all, a lot of fun, and we think their clothes should reflect that... in CozyKidz you'll find an alternative to the usual baby & toddler clothes: Clothes that finally represent this diversity using colors, shapes and patterns that call their attention and stimulate their development and creativity, and that above all... look cool!!!

We are an online store based in Barcelona. Our concept consists in offering baby & kids wear for the age 0-8 years which besides being original and fun, meet the highest standards of quality. CozyKidz was born attracted to the Nordic style and its principles of freedom of movement, creativity and humor, and for mostly being of sustainable and eco friendly production  >> read more